Sinology commonly used allusions: watching the origin of the white clouds feihong wang broken

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In the Jin Dynasty, ji Kang’s poem of four Words to his brother to enter the army, in which he wrote the sentence “upon returning to His brother, ji Kang brandished five strings”, describes a scene of gently touching the strings of the qin with both hands and gazing into the distance to see off his brother, expressing his feelings of being reluctant to part.Later, it was used as a metaphor for the sadness of parting.Song. Zhang Yuan in the “water tune head. The rain break over startled waves” in the word wrote: “see fei Hong to, why draw kylin.”Also known as “seeing back to hong”.In the Analects of Confucius, You Dong of the Qing Dynasty wrote: “Try to observe the music of fish from hao-shang, and then watch the music of the string swinging from hongxian.”Looking at the white Clouds: Di Renjie was appointed by Emperor Gaozong of Tang dynasty.He missed his parents in Heyang once when he stayed in Taihang Mountain on business.He looked up at the sky and saw the white clouds flying alone. He said to those around him, “My parents live under that cloud.”He watched for a long time until the clouds were gone.See “New Book of Tang. Di Renjie biography” records.Later, it took “Looking at the white clouds” as an allusion to missing parents.Tang. Luobin king in the poem “Xu Send half a thousand” wrote: “The soul of the sea, looking at the white clouds.”Also “looking at clouds”.