What are the characteristics of sycamore trees?Can sycamore branches be inserted?

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Plane trees are mainly characterized by the following three points: first, plane trees are very tall, and even can grow to a height of more than 30 meters;Second, the leaves are similar to maple leaves, but wider, and the bark is smoother.Third, the growth is relatively fast and life is very long, life can reach more than one hundred years.First of all, the most obvious characteristic of the plane tree is that it is very tall, belonging to the giant of the trees.French plane trees, for example, can grow to a height of more than 30 meters, or even more than 35 meters.Secondly, the leaf of the plane tree and the leaf of the maple leaf are very similar, they both look like a small hand.But there are different places with maple leaves, the leaves of plane trees are wider, look thicker.And wutong bark is relatively smooth, very suitable for street trees.Finally, plane trees grow faster and it doesn’t take too long to grow into a big tree.And wutong has a very long life, belonging to the number of long-lived elderly people, without external interference, can live to more than 100 years old.Can sycamore branches be inserted?First of all, sycamore branches can be inserted alive, after all, now cuttings are also a commonly used propagation method of many trees.We try to choose the old hard branches, so that the success rate of cuttings is relatively high, but also can transplant as soon as possible.Finally, choose to use more tender branches can also be, but need to choose a good time, generally in the summer, this time the wutong vitality, can better survive, but we should also pay attention to ventilation.