On the Fall of king Ling of Chu

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Chinese idioms concentrate the essence of history;Winding paths lead you to a different “China”.Abstract: 1. King ling’s father secretly divination who is the successor, the result.2. Why did King Ling die in a farmhouse and bury two innocent women?3. After the death of king Ling, who laughs last and whether the divination result is fulfilled.Wei Zheng of the Tang Dynasty said in the Book of Ten Reflections on The Advice of Emperor Taizong that a king “will wholeheartedly wait for the future with his sorrow, and indulge himself with pride once he has achieved his ambition.”In western words, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.Unfortunately, throughout thousands of years of Chinese feudal history, similar phenomena can be found everywhere, and almost without exception.The representative figure of this period has the leading role of the story — King Xiong Qian of Chu Ling.It is said that king Ling of The State of Chu was not satisfied with the state of Chu and The state of Zhou standing side by side. Instead, he hoped to win the central Plains again.One night, king Ling dreamed that a fairy came to visit him, claiming to be the god of Jiugang Mountain. If king Ling offered sacrifice to him, he would become the king of the world.King Ling exulted, that is, the dawn of life put driving jiugangshan.Right now gongzi abandoned disease with captive – The hidden prince of The State of CAI has returned to China, king Ling regardless of dissuasion, ordered the killing of CAI have made nine gangshan god sacrifice.With the promise of the gods, the king’s desire to dominate the world became stronger and stronger.One day, he summoned his divination officer and ordered him to use tortoise shell divination, saying, “I hope I can get the world.”Taibu 爇 (ruo, roasted with fire) turtle, the result probably did not master the heat, tortoiseshell burst.King Ling thought that the gods “do not cooperate”, immediately flew into a rage, mercilessly threw the tortoiseshell on the ground, scolding God said: “you do not give me this benefit, I take.”More interesting is, according to “Zuo Zhuan” records, the father of king Ling – King Of Chu once did divination for the successor, “god” chosen successor is not King Ling.One day, the king of Chu had no firstborn son and only had five sons born by concubines, so he had a hard time choosing a successor.Democratic elections were out of fashion at the time, so the King eventually turned to fortune-telling.The idea has been set, a total of king times offering mountains and rivers, asking the gods to help elect a successor.The king had five illegitimate sons: Xiong Zhao, the eldest; Xiong Wei, or Ling Wang Qian, the second;Old three bear than, the word dry;Old four black humeral, word son xi;Young and old abandon disease.The king showed a piece of jade to the gods of famous mountains and rivers and prayed: “The one who is worshiping the jade is the heir designated by the gods. No one dare to violate it.”After the sacrifice, the king and concubine Baji secretly buried the jade in the courtyard of the ancestral temple, let the five sons bathe after fasting, according to the order of elders into the ancestral temple kneel.The result of kneeling is: xiong Zhao, the eldest brother, crosses yubi to bow down;King Ling’s arm is on the jade;Old three, old four are far away from yubi.Old five abandon disease still small, by the person embrace come in, but twice under worship all kneel on jade.In accordance with the instructions of the gods, the king of Five as the heir, but when the king died abandoned disease is small, so the eldest xiong Zhao first, is king Kang of Chu.After the death of King Kang, son bear zavid succession, a few years later was ling King hanged, Ling King succession.But King Ling of Chu was also a transitional figure.More than once in my reading of history, I have come across a phenomenon in which a dynasty or an individual, on the verge of collapse, repeatedly makes stupid mistakes that later generations will find incomprehensible, leading to the collapse.Or: he (she) most assured or tried to prevent the person or thing, leng happened to go wrong, resulting in a loss.Sun Ziyun, if you are prepared, you are a widow; if you are prepared, you are a widow; if you are prepared, you are a widow; if you are prepared, you are a widow.Thus king Ling of Chu went to the abyss of fate.In 530 BC, King Ling sent a heavy army to attack xu to threaten wu.He himself was stationed in Dry Creek (XI) as backup after the state parade.At this time of the cold, snow, soldiers away from home, the wind and snow, hungry food thirsty drink, suffering.King Ling of Chu, on the other hand, wore a leather hat, a feather coat imported from The state of Qin, a green feather cape and leopard leather shoes in his tent to keep out the cold.Meanwhile, zi leather and others advised him many times to understand the hard soldiers, returned to the country, and the history of the deeds of the emperor and the lessons of the history of admonishing him to cherish the people, do not have drunk heart.Hearing this, King Ling of Chu was very touched. He made a bow to Zi Ge and went into the camp silently.He refused to eat food and tossed and turned at night, finding it difficult to fall asleep.For several days, King Ling could not sleep or eat easily, but he did not give the order to return home until the terrible news came.They were led by Chaowu, the son of guisheng, the former doctor of CAI, and guan Cong, his “deputy”.The purpose of the attack was to restore the state of CAI while King Ling lingered in Ganxi and forgot to return.So two people in the name of Bear Abandon disease called zi gan and zi Xi, forced them to join the team against king Ling of Chu.Under the call and bewitch of the people such as view from, those in the power of the king came to power or was against the corruption of the property of the people coaxed up, copy the queen of the queen of the road.Xiong qiji then secretly infiltrated the Chu Capital and killed Prince Lu and others.Immediately, the people proclaimed Gongzi Bi king and Childe Hei Gong Gong Yin, while Childe Quji became Sima, ignoring the advice of his subordinates to make him king.Xiong Qiji immediately took office and ordered the palace to be cleaned immediately. He also sent Guan Cong secretly to Ganxi to contact the army commanders and tell them what was happening in the capital. He issued an order in the name of the new sovereign, saying, “Those who return home first as before, and those who return home after cut their noses.”Hearing this, the army of king Ling fled.At this time, king Ling is still drunk with the beautiful scenery of the dry stream platform, happy not to think chu.When King Ling heard the news of his sons’ deaths, he fell under the car and burst into tears.After crying for a long time, she asked the servant, “Do other people love their children as I do?”At this time, all the attendants lost their usual deference and answered, “Much more than you.As for me, WHEN I’m old and have no son, I’ll be thrown into the ditch.”The king of Chu shed tears of remorse and said, “I have killed the sons of so many people.Desperate occasion, right Yin Zige proposed three ways out: one, wait in the suburbs, listen to how people choose.The king of Chu shook his head and said, “The anger of the public must not be violated.”Go to the big counties first, and then borrow troops from the princes.The king of Chu smiled bitterly and said, “I have betrayed you.”Three, go to a big country to request “political asylum”, listen to the arrangements of the big country.The king of Chu sighed in despair and said, “That is an insult to oneself.”Zi leather and others see king spirit is disorderly, a walk of it.Conclusion: At that time, king Ling of Chu did not understand that a ruler should govern his country well, otherwise he would have nowhere to go one day.King Ling, who often called himself “I”, became a real loner, wandering alone in the mountains. The villagers saw that he was pitiful, but scared by the new emperor’s orders, they did not dare to take him in.One day, the king met some 𫓶 (Juan), who used to work in the palace, on the way and begged him, “Get me something to eat. I haven’t eaten for three days𫓶 Man says: “Where can I get you foodThe new king has just issued orders to kill any of the three clans who dare to bring you food or flee with you.”Tired and hungry, the king asked to lean on the peopleReally tired, the king rested his head on his lap and quickly fell asleep𫓶 People use clods of earth as pillows for the king, slowly remove their legs, and secretlyWhen He woke up, he found no one around him, but he could not stand up.The king of Spirit is in tears, powerless to cry.In desperation, the sound of a car in the distance.By and by the sound came closer and closer. It was a man driving a car.When the man saw king Ling, he immediately turned over and bowed down, and asked him to get on the bus and stay in his house.The king was so grateful that he could not help himself. He asked the man why he gave his life to save himself.The man said his name was Shen Hai, the son of Yu Yin Shen Wu Yu.His father had twice offended the king’s orders and was forgiven by the spirit king, so he repeatedly asked to repay the king’s kindness before he died.That night, King Ling stayed at Shenhai’s house. Although Shenhai took out his best dry food, it was not as good as the royal palace’s “special supply”, so he reluctantly ate some and went to bed early under the pretext of being tired.In order to repay the king, Shenhai ordered his two daughters to be his bedclothes.The next morning before dawn, there were screams and cries from the king’s house.Disheartened, King Ling hanged himself in Shenhai’s house.Shenhai burst into tears, like a funeral.Finally, he killed two of his own daughters and buried them with him.After the death of the tyrant, the rest of the girl and her boudoir.As I said before, of the five brothers of King Ling, Qi Ji is the youngest, but the little ones are big.Smart view from early to see this point, once suggested that Lao SAN kill abandon disease, Lao SAN can not bear.The view from know Lao SAN can not become a big event, escape.At this time, the people of Chu did not know the news of King Ling’s suicide, and worried about the cruel King Ling’s counterattack, many people worried all day long.Sly Xiong Qiji seized this rare opportunity.One evening, He sent his men to run along the bank of the Yangtze River Shouting, “King Ling is back.”The news spread from one to another, causing chu to fall into a state of great horror.Bear abandoned the disease and sent tendran ran pretending to panic ran to the palace, frighten son dry and son xi said: “King ling, the people are Shouting to kill you, you quickly think of a way.”Then he ran out of the palace again.Child stem and child xi originally timid, experienced the cruelty of king of 2 elder brother spirit for many times again, chose to commit suicide.So Xiong Quji had the last laugh and became the new ruler of chu, Xiong Ju, king of Chu Ping.The first thing Xiong Ju did after taking office was to kill a prisoner, change him into the clothes of the King of Chu, and let the body drift in han river to make it appear that Ling King had drowned.We’ll get to his story shortly.Classical Chinese appreciation: Wang heard the group of childe’s death also, from the car said: “the love of the son also, as well as more than?”The waiter said, “Why, the villain is old and has no son, and knows how to squeeze in the gully.”The king said, “I have killed many men. Can I do nothing like this?”The right Yin Zi Ge said, “Please stay in the suburbs and listen to the Chinese people.”The king said, “Do not offend the anger of others.”Confucius said, ‘If I enter dadu, I will be a teacher to princes.’The king said, “All are rebelled.”He said, ‘If you were to die in a vassal state, I would like you to listen to the master of the great state.’The king said, “No more great blessings, only disgrace.”Ran Dan was assigned to Chu.Wang Yan xia is going to enter Yan.Shen Hai, the son of Yu Yin Wuyu, said, “If my father betrays the king’s order again and the king is executed, what good will it do?You can’t bear it, you can’t give it up. I follow your king.”But asked the king to give all the chariot money.Summer may Dechai, Wang Hanged in taro Yin Shen Hai.Shenhai was buried with her second daughter.– Zuo Zhuan, The Thirteenth Biography of Zhao Gong