Latest news!Tianjin university spring semester time announced, students should pay attention to a few things!

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Today is 4 days from the Chinese New Year, the winter vacation has passed nearly 10 days, should all the students have returned home, even the senior three students should have a holiday these two days, tired of a semester, you should use the winter vacation time, have a good rest and relax at home.Spring Festival is coming, count on your fingers, there are less than five days.The festive atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger.Every family is preparing everything they need for the New Year. Now the whole country is happy and full of festival atmosphere.So in this winter holiday, especially during the Spring Festival, what should students pay attention to?First, during the winter holidays are very cold, especially in the north, temperatures generally reach below zero, so there are many water will freeze, the ice is likely to be very strong, may also be very weak, naughty students may go to play on the ice, this behavior is very dangerous, must not do so, in order to avoid unnecessary accident.Second, during the Spring Festival, every family will buy New Year goods, so the streets, supermarkets and vegetable markets will be very busy, but also very chaotic.It is very likely that there will be some lawless elements mixed in, to steal our carry-on belongings, so when shopping outside, must pay attention to their own belongings.Thirdly, the Spring Festival is also a good day for family reunion. Many families will cook lots of delicious food to entertain guests and their families.Therefore, during the Spring Festival, we should pay attention to eating habits, meat and vegetable collocation, remember not to eat too much meat, so as not to cause discomfort.Fourth, during the Spring Festival, visiting relatives and friends is also an indispensable custom, so we must pay attention to road safety and vehicles on the way to visit relatives and friends.Tianjin University of Science and Technology: Returning to school on February 27, 2022 Tianjin University of Commerce: returning to school on February 22, 2022 Tianjin Normal University: Returning to school on February 26, 2022 Tianjin Medical University:Above is the time of spring semester in some colleges and universities in Tianjin. It can be seen that the time of spring semester in each university is not the same, the school is really very careful.Because Tianjin itself is a very popular area, it will certainly be difficult to get tickets after the Spring Festival, so in order to facilitate students can buy tickets back to school, the school opened late.In addition, there are special circumstances, maybe the opening time of colleges and universities in Tianjin will be adjusted and changed, but college students must do a good job of self-protection and protection, take their body temperature every day, and then report to their classes or counselors.During the period of home must not run, as far as possible to reduce the number and frequency of going out, if it is in some special areas, must cooperate with the community staff to do a good job of daily inspection.Write in the last distance from the Spring Festival is four or five days of time, the students must have done a good preparation for the New Year, the New Year’s goods are comprehensive, waiting for the New Year.Happy New Year to all parents and students!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Jiangge said education sichuan high school ranking latest release!The second place is the cradle of Tsinghua university and Peking University. Jiangxi province has “adjusted” the opening time of students at all stages. Students are ready for the latest notice!There is one thing that students should pay attention to as the school opening time for all stages in Sichuan province is announced