Bus driver: Escort passengers on New Year’s Eve

2022-04-24 0 By

Bus people’s New Year’s Eve dinner.New Year’s Eve, family reunion dinner.When most people are reunited with their families, the bus workers who stick to their posts in Xi ‘an also have different New Year’s Eve.Niu Xiaoxia, a bus driver on Xi ‘an No. 17, drove the bus for the first time on New Year’s Eve.Reporters learned that the perennial morning niuxiaoxia, this year in order to take care of their “class” partner, New Year’s Eve temporarily changed the class, stick to the post.It turned out that her opposite squad was on the march. Her parents were in Gaoling and they were older.After understanding the situation, NiuXiaoxia offered to shift with him, let him rest assured to go home to accompany their parents for the New Year.”I would like to thank my husband and daughter, who are very supportive of my work. They knew I would have to work this New Year’s Eve, so they sent my New Year’s Eve dinner to the station room for me.”Niu Xiaoxia said with a happy face.”It’s my first Time to spend New Year’s Eve with passengers. I’m a little excited. I’ll get them home safe and sound!”Niu Xiaoxia said.During the Spring Festival travel rush, zhang Yuxuan and Feng Fan, bus drivers of No. 266, spent the New Year’s Eve at the bus hub of Xi ‘an North Railway Station.Reporters learned that this is the bus “new” Zhang Yuxuan into the line since the second New Year’s Eve preparations.But “old man” Feng Fan already can’t remember this is his several New Year’s Eve.On New Year’s Eve, nearly 50 bus workers stuck to their posts at xi ‘an Bus Station.And on the job, they are not short of care, as a special hot pot Dinner awaits them.On the morning of January 31, Chen Zhikun, secretary of the Party branch of xi ‘an Bus No.6 Branch No.6 Team, went to the supermarket with two colleagues and bought a pile of food materials for the New Year’s Eve dinner.Back to the station, we quickly division of labor, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, plate, mixing bowls, fully prepared for the afternoon.”Hot pot can be eaten immediately, especially suitable for bus workers.”Chen Zhikun told reporters.January 31 16:30, the station bus people’s New Year’s Eve dinner began, the first to come back to eat first, after the back to eat.After eating hot pot, they went to their posts one after another, escorting the way home for the passengers who were still busy or returned late on New Year’s Eve.(Chief reporter Liang Fan/photo)