Lusong District Bai Guan Middle School to carry out epidemic emergency drill to consolidate the campus defense line

2022-04-23 0 By

Online Hua Sound on March 15 (correspondent Chen Feifan) to resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control battle, the implementation of refined school epidemic prevention and control emergency drill plan, improve the school to deal with the outbreak of emergency response capacity, March 14, Lusong District Of Zhuzhou City White Pass middle school organization carried out epidemic prevention and control emergency drill.This exercise took the form of scene simulation and field exercise, the field actual combat simulated the morning and afternoon examination in case of fever emergency preparation plan.Before the drill, the school organized the epidemic prevention and control administrative meeting and the class teacher working meeting to make arrangements for the drill, and carefully studied relevant procedures to make contingency plans for possible emergencies during the drill.During the morning and afternoon check-up, a student’s temperature was found to be abnormal. The teacher checked the student’s temperature again with a mercury thermometer, confirmed that he had a fever, and immediately informed the school doctor.The school doctor arrived at the first time and reported to the political and education department. The political and education director contacted the principal after receiving the notice, and relevant staff put on isolation clothes and took the student with fever to the isolation room for medical observation. The teacher informed parents and the hospital.The teacher organized the other students to form a single column all the way, keeping a distance of one meter, leaving the classroom and entering the spare room — multimedia classroom.Subsequently, disinfection personnel for the first time to fever students in the class to eliminate, during the elimination, personnel are prohibited to enter.The drill included emergency isolation, epidemic information reporting, evacuation and transfer of personnel, psychological counseling, on-site emergency elimination, and temporary isolation site management.The whole exercise process is standardized and orderly, with clear division of labor, close cooperation, quick action, accurate and efficient.The drill not only strengthened the school’s awareness of emergency response to the epidemic, but also strengthened and tested the scientific and operational nature of the school’s prevention and control plan, helping the school fully understand the importance, urgency and difficulty of epidemic prevention and control, and building a safety net for epidemic prevention and control.